Caribbean Holidays

If you only relate the Caribbean with an atmosphere that is laid back, a quiet sunset and a tranquil beach, then you have not been to St. Martin. What is the best part about going to the dual-governed island? It’s possible to get a taste of two lively, distinct cultures all for the cost of a single vacation. The 37-square-mile dot increasingly is popular with people who travel who love to party hard, eat well, and duty-free shop between visitations to the beach. St. Martin, on the north side is controlled by its French government. The island houses the tastiest restaurants and partying beaches. Whereby cosmopolitan St. Maarten will shelter the most animated clubs, bars and casinos. A Netherlands Antilles territory, St. Maarten will take up 16 square miles on the south side.

However, for all its excitement, St. Maarten and St. Martin still possess a stress-free vibe – beginning with how easily it is to pass between both parts of the island. For easy access in and around this beautiful island, inquire about car rental St Maarten. Grab some morning rays on a calm Dutch-side beach; and later, take a leisurely stroll in the afternoon through the French-side mountain. You will be more than primed to return to the border for an evening in the casinos.

Maho Beach

Save Money

Do not tip any extra

You will see some restaurants placed an additional 15% “tax” upon the bill the wait staff may not inform you is their service fee. Do not tip extra unless the service was extremely exceptional.

E-mail, do not phone

Calling from the French side over to the Dutch side then vice versa, will be considered an international call. A few businesses have two numbers (in order to assist you in avoiding this particular nuisance), yet if not, try to make restaurant reservations then arrange an island tour by e-mail.

Take a bus

Things will move at a more leisurely rate within the Caribbean; therefore, take advantage of this by taking the bus to top tourist sites. There isn’t any set schedule for pick-up and drop-offs’; however, you will get where you have a desire to go for around $1.50 one-way.

Customs and Culture

A real Tale of Two Cities, the island of St. Maarten and St. Martin is proud of its customs and dual heritage. According to St. Martin-Direct, casual clothing in light fabric include the norm on both the Dutch and French side within the daytime, yet ladies dress more formally within the nighttime. Wearing a swimsuit is reserved for the beach or the pool.

The Dutch side’s currency is the NLG (Netherlands guilder) whereas the currency of the French side is the EUR (euro). But, the USD (United States dollar) widely is accepted, as are the majority of major credit cards.

Dining out

Bring your appetite to St. Maarten/St. Martin, because you most assuredly will put it to good use. A few people say the island’s dining includes some of the best within the Caribbean, particularly in the Grand Case region upon the French side. If you do not feel like a sit-down frou frou menu with seating hosts and table cloths, attempt one of the open-air restaurants or lolos on the beach.